Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen - Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty

Despite countless efforts of the V&A’s bodyguards to stop visitors from taking pictures during the exhibition, most of us still managed to capture a little bit of the sensorial feast, a few of the numerous moments that will be imprinted in the back of our heads forever and for always. It is almost as if we (or I) have devoted eternal loyalty to the master, to the genius that was Lee McQueen by promising to keep these memories live inside of our brains for the rest of our lives. The reason I keep referring to “we” is because I felt this same energy in each and everyone around me whilst I was walking through the halls of the exhibition.

There is no possible accurate description of the magnitude of this event so I will keep it short and simple, but most importantly I will encourage everyone (whether you work/love/are passionate about fashion, design, architecture or not) to go and see this exhibition.  It is a once in a lifetime type of thing and it will forever change the way you look at an exhibition from now onwards. It might spoil your enthusiasm for anything else you will see after this but it is a risk worth taking!

My favourite part of the exhibition was the Cabinet of Curiosities, that made me feel as if I was inside of his head completely and as I turned around and walked through the room, I could discover another brilliant vision he had and witnessed how it came to life.  It was just as scary as it was beautiful. It must have been exhausting and draining, but at the same time so wonderful to see the world through his eyes.

Enough from me but just make the time and, if it can even be called, the “effort” to go and see it! Following are some of my (really good if I do say myself) forbidden snaps ...