Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Russia in VOGUE exhibition at MAMM Moscow

Russian influence on the style of VOGUE, on the history of the world's fashion and on the development of photography and graphic design is huge.

For more than a century of the magazine's history, thousands of Russian faces and Russian names have been published on the pages of VOGUE's international editions. Russian in VOGUE exhibition will include portraits of famous Russians (...). These portraits are unexpected and diverse - from Ida Rubinstein to Joseph Brodsky, from Erte to Vladimir Nabukov, from Gala Dali to Vassily Kandinsky. At the exhibition we will show the fashionable shots inspired by Russia and the unique reports shot by great photographers in the USSR during the "Iron Curtain" period. We will demonstrate how triumphantly Russian supermodels conquered the world. We will select the works of Russian artists and fashion designers which have appeared on the pages of international editions of VOGUE. We will talk about the designer collections created under Russian influence, such as the famous "Russian Seasons" by Yves Saint Laurent.

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