Friday, December 6, 2013


“Nevsky 152” is the newest concept store opened by multi-brand store chain “Babochka” in St Petersburg. The company has played a significant role on the Russian luxury goods market, since its launch in 1988 and currently owns three multi-brand stores, two outlets and nine mono-brand boutiques, including brands such as Lanvin, Valentino, Fendi and Giorgio Armani, all of which are based in St Petersburg.

Nevsky 152 is the most recent addition to the above mentioned stores, representing a true statement of complementary retail design. The shop is divided in various sections spread over two floors. On the ground floor customers can find a flower-shop, a book-store, an exclusive selection of perfumes and high-technology gadgets, whilst the first floor is dedicated to both mens- and womenswear clothing and accessories.

The staircase to the first floor is led up with projections of Bambi cartoon characters, psychedelic colours and a list of brands that are to be found inside the store. The first floor is designed to accommodate live concerts and events, which are held often inside Nevsky 152.

There are a five clearly marked corners on the first floor of residing brands such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Chloe, Celine and Miu Miu. In between all of these, shoppers can also find local Russian and Georgian brands, quirky accessories from French designer Olympia Le Tan and colourful sneakers from Nike. The shop also features limited edition items, capsule collections and rare collaboration designs, sold exclusively at Nevsky 152.

All store fixtures are white with translucid glass dividers to enable a clear view of the merchandise displayed on the shop floor. All brand corners feature a resting area with futuristic and unique design furniture. The “must-have”, popular items of the season are displayed on mannequins and are easily identifiable (the checked Stella McCartney coat, Vika Gazinskaya faux fox scarf, neon Nike Air trainers, etc).

Nevsky 152 combines all elements of an original concept store and it has just the right dosage of quirkiness and humour to make it welcoming, even though it looks incredibly posh from outside. It will, with no doubt be an unforgettable experience, exploring the variety of lifestyle brands and designer goods in such a unique retail space, without even having to mention the friendliness and kindness of the staff.

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