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Metropol Hotel’s fairytale window project in the heart of Moscow

On the eve of the Winter Holidays, Metropol Hotel brings Moscow’s city-dwellers a magical atmosphere, filled with joy and happiness, all part of a unique gift: a set of window displays inspired by traditional Russian fairytales and designed by local and international designers and artists.

The project “Folktales in the Metropol” highlights the commitment of the hotel’s founder and art patron, Savva Mamontov, to showcasing the skill and talent of Russian craftsmen. Designers such as Alena Akhmadullina, Anastasia Romantsova, Valentin Yudashkin, Alena Kochetkova and artists Paul Kalpevich and Paul Henri Matisse have been involved in this project, bringing to life their interpretations of famous Russian fairytales.

Children from the child care centers “KIDS CLUB,” under “PM13-PROJECT,” “MELIOR” and the charity fund "I EXIST" have also taken part in the project through cooperation with the aforementioned designers and artists. Together they have created Christmas decorations for window displays inspired by “The Tale of the Little Humpbacked Horse” and “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish”. For some of the “KIDS CLUB” students, this was the first significant step to adapt to their surroundings. They got their inspiration from Pierre Henri Matisse’s master-class on paper cutout art. – Metropol Hotel

Alena Akhmadullina - The Tale of the Golden Cockerel

“We were inspired by the “Tale of the Golden Cockerel”, by A.S. Pushkin, one of my favourite fairytales. The main female character in the fairytale is the beautiful but treacherous Queen Shamakan”. This is why the designer decided to replicate the beautiful prints and patterns from oriental carpets.
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  Valentin Yudashkin - Firebird

“The tale of the amazing symbol of an ever-glowing beauty – the miraculous Firebird brought the inspiration for many of our works. Just like the Phoenix Bird, it is a burning bird, regenerating from the ashes in a dazzling radiance. The Russian Fire Bird is always reminiscent of the sun, renewal and the flame of love. These topics will always be for us beacons of the splendor. The image of the Fire Bird, elusive and radiant, opens unfathomable facets of feminine beauty.”
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Anastasia Romantsova - The Snow Maiden

“The window display by Anastasia Romantsova is an interpretation of the “Tale of the Snow Maiden”. It is this character that laid the basis for the winter collection of A LA RUSSE. Anastasia presents the Snow Maiden as an elegant and shimmering, warm, soft and sensual woman. She covers woodlands and fields with snow, giving them a magical warmth and decorates tree branches with snow and frost. She is a high-born fair lady …”
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...«Morozko is a Christmas story woven from the Russian folklore. It revolves around the ideals of justice and love. The protagonist faces a serious challenge, but her happiness is the prize. The young girl represents the generalized character of a young Russian woman, which is still relevant today»
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Pierre Henri Matisse - The Frog Princess

“Wow! What a story! Boy meets frog, Boy marries frog. Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl swan. Boy gets girl. This story is incredible! What an amazing story… Romance, humor, drama, whimsy, danger, a villain, a damsel in distress, a hero and  a happy ending in which love overcomes all else! What more could I ask for?”
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Paul Kaplevich - The Tale of Tsar Saltan

“Velvet marble. The classic tradition of a Russian fairytale portrayed through the use of ultra modern technology. Elegant reincarnation”
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Windows created by the children of "KIDS CLUB"
inspired by the "Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish"
Windows created by the children of "KIDS CLUB"
inspired by the "Tale of the Little Humpbacked Horse"

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