Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - ZA-ZA's Mechanical Dolls

ZA-ZA SS14 presentation during AFWR was filled with great atmosphere and live music as the models switched from stand-still to abrupt, mechanical doll like movements to highlight every angle of the designer's architectural garments. 

The collection was designed as a statement against fashion trends and the season's requirements, leaving the ZA-ZA woman empowered to make her own style decisions, based on her likings and preferences. It is a collection that puts wearability into question, but also points out one's creative and estetique background, emphasising the individuality of the person wearing the garments.

As the designer's herself, Alexandra Koryakina describes the collection: "Creativity, geometry, square dresses and skirts - these are the definitions of the spring/summer collection of ZA-ZA brand. A lot of ideas in trim, an unexpected look at different things from a different perspective , freshness and brightness."

Bringing out a slightly rebellious side of the ZA-ZA woman, the presentation also shows a beautiful, feminine, romantic and innocent side with the combination of materials and the pastel colour palette used.

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