Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week Russia - HOMO CONSOMMATUS SS14

Alexey Sorokin is a designer and founder of Homo Consommatus fashion brand, a graduate of St. Petersburg Artistic-Industrial Academy of Baron Stieglitz. Sorokin interprets Homo Consommatus as a person who consumes in the modern world, the main purpose of which is the multiplication of wealth. Each of us is Homo Consommatus , we are all victims of advertising and merchandising, new technologies and beautiful things.

The Spring Summer 2014 collection of the young Russian designer is to be seen as a protestant movement and an artistic endeavour to bring awareness and pin-point our generation's dependancy on social media and technology. The idea of humans being departed with reality and the human existence by the use of technology was a concept researched by the designer, before exploring the collection and designs presented on the catwalk. 

As the name of brand clearly suggests, Sorokin tries to emphasise current problems, that the society is facing, being bombarded by too much information and overwhelmed by the speed this reaches us and worryingly, the consequences we face in an abundantly consumeristic world.

The idea of GLITCH became a core for Homo Consommatus SS14 collection and was presented in both technical and philosophical aspects : the invention of new textile as unexpected mixing of texture, artisanal embroidery, hot press gluing, hand stitching and an interpretation of those as symbolic intertwined social wires holding hum as hostages and depriving them from inner freedom and individuality. 

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