Monday, November 11, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Milla Berillo SS14

Milla Berillo is a young, emerging designer and recent Graduate of Central Saint Martins College in London. Specialising in high-quality pattern cutting and tailoring, the designer is also known for experimenting with innovative materials and techniques to highlight the feminine silhouette in it's purest form. As it is stated by designer herself, the "conceptual part of the brand is not a creation of art-objects...; but the superposition of philosophy and functionality of garment, which are comfortable to live into it, to touch it and at the same time it has its own character."

Milla's latest collection, presented during AFWR in St. Petersburg is called "Deviation Angle" and it explores the different ways a garment can be perceived by the audience, simply by playing with the shape of the garment and its reflection. The lighting element and shadow plays an important role in the presentation, as the shifting perspective creates multiple visual effects and lines. It is all a "game of silhouettes" and geometrical shapes.

What is incredible about this young designer and this collection in particular is how the cutting and pattern construction was studied and researched in order to produce such a beautiful spectacle. Nothing is coincidental and nothing is left to chance, as all the shapes and reflections are carefully constructed with  a precise goal. 

The lines were invented. The pattern constructions and forms were predestined. The key points were highlighted. The conditions of reality with its changeability create the deviation angle. "The accidental  result" stops being accidental. The lines (..) become the reality. Is everything predetermined?...

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