Friday, November 8, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Liza Odinokikh SS14

Liza Odinokikh is a young, St.Petersburg based designer, that has graduated from St.Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. She has further gone to develop her design skills in Italy, at the Academy of Fine Arts NABA and presented her first fashion show in June 2012, as part of the "LMA Presents" segment.

Her SS14 collection reveals the emotional and physical evolution of a girl into a sensual, feminine,  and mature young woman. The Liza Odinokikh woman is aware of her sexuality, but like to maintain her purity and playfulness in distinctive details. The designer found inspiration in the work of French, Toulouse-based artist Miss Van, who is renowned for her graffiti art of portraying women in a childish light with a contrasting dominating sexuality and mystery. 

The collection features a play of texturised looks, contrasting fabrics (see-through and opaque materials) and precise tailoring. The printed faces on various dresses and accessories of dolled up Ken-looking men contribute to the quirkiness of the brand and reflect the concept behind the collection. The ascension of a woman and the road to discovering one's sexuality involves experimenting with the male side (in a playful way). "This collection is more gentle on colour and form, in comparison to the previous ones. There is an abundance of bows and flounces. I addressed to a pastel colour scale: coral, gentle-pink, lilac with bright accents of black and red.", declares Liza. 

The distinctive feature of brand is the love for minimalism and leather. The Liza Odinokikh clothes inherent smooth, discreet lines, textural games, simplicity and an intelligent sexuality. (Press release)

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