Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Artem Shumov's Morning Glory SS14 collection

Leaving little to the imagination of his guests, Artem Shumov showed us that his latest collection is versatile, unpredictable, comfortable and easily strippable. However, just as easy to be put back on when in need, wrinkle-free. 

The designer's SS14 menswear collection was presented during this season's AFWR in St. Petersburg and it was the best eye-candy for all the girls there. Not only did we get to see good clothes up front, but we got a little bit more than we asked for: some hot naked bods and Artem's models showing us there is no shame to pull off your pants in public.

If one can refrain from looking at the models' abs , then there is a beautiful collection to be discovered. I  mostly enjoyed the fabrics and materials with very discrete shiny, satin effects. The tailored shirts and jackets were exquisite and the leather accessories complemented the looks perfectly.

I am still trying to figure out the reason behind the models' undressing in front of the crowd and the only thing I can come up with, is the practicality and simplicity that Artem Shumov wanted to communicate through his collection. I believe this is a collection to stand out to every man's desire : easy, comfortable, with a laid-back feel but incredibly elegant and just a joy to take off! Beautiful design combined with an accessible functionality.

"Models undressing because this collection was about Morning when a person is wearing something...The most comfortable and private time for people" - Artem Shumov

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