Monday, November 18, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Anastasya Kizilova SS14

Anastasya Kizilova presented her SS14 "Hexagon" collection at the ANNANOVA Gallery in St. Petersburg, during Aurora Fashion Week. The crowd was welcomed with the projection of the latest campaign movie, before being seated for the show. The designer greater the guests and  introduced herself personally to the public, a gesture that set a very friendly and intimate atmosphere. 

Anastasya's SS14 collection breathes minimalism, precise tailoring and draping. The colour palette was kept to a minimum as well, with only a few sparks of colour here in there, to divert from the monochromatic textures presented. It was pretty obvious from the name of the collection, that the inspiration was found in geometry and symmetry of objects and shapes. 

The young designer has achieved to create a perfectly balanced silhouette with a clean cut, accentuating the beautiful curves of both the male and female body. A hexagon is a geometrical shape that has six equal edges, maintaining it's shape and structure and forming perfect symmetrical angles. It is the same with this collection; from any angle you may look at it, there is only one conclusion: it is a true statement of symmetrical design.

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