Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - ZA-ZA's Mechanical Dolls

ZA-ZA SS14 presentation during AFWR was filled with great atmosphere and live music as the models switched from stand-still to abrupt, mechanical doll like movements to highlight every angle of the designer's architectural garments. 

The collection was designed as a statement against fashion trends and the season's requirements, leaving the ZA-ZA woman empowered to make her own style decisions, based on her likings and preferences. It is a collection that puts wearability into question, but also points out one's creative and estetique background, emphasising the individuality of the person wearing the garments.

As the designer's herself, Alexandra Koryakina describes the collection: "Creativity, geometry, square dresses and skirts - these are the definitions of the spring/summer collection of ZA-ZA brand. A lot of ideas in trim, an unexpected look at different things from a different perspective , freshness and brightness."

Bringing out a slightly rebellious side of the ZA-ZA woman, the presentation also shows a beautiful, feminine, romantic and innocent side with the combination of materials and the pastel colour palette used.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Artem Shumov's Morning Glory SS14 collection

Leaving little to the imagination of his guests, Artem Shumov showed us that his latest collection is versatile, unpredictable, comfortable and easily strippable. However, just as easy to be put back on when in need, wrinkle-free. 

The designer's SS14 menswear collection was presented during this season's AFWR in St. Petersburg and it was the best eye-candy for all the girls there. Not only did we get to see good clothes up front, but we got a little bit more than we asked for: some hot naked bods and Artem's models showing us there is no shame to pull off your pants in public.

If one can refrain from looking at the models' abs , then there is a beautiful collection to be discovered. I  mostly enjoyed the fabrics and materials with very discrete shiny, satin effects. The tailored shirts and jackets were exquisite and the leather accessories complemented the looks perfectly.

I am still trying to figure out the reason behind the models' undressing in front of the crowd and the only thing I can come up with, is the practicality and simplicity that Artem Shumov wanted to communicate through his collection. I believe this is a collection to stand out to every man's desire : easy, comfortable, with a laid-back feel but incredibly elegant and just a joy to take off! Beautiful design combined with an accessible functionality.

"Models undressing because this collection was about Morning when a person is wearing something...The most comfortable and private time for people" - Artem Shumov

Monday, November 18, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Anastasya Kizilova SS14

Anastasya Kizilova presented her SS14 "Hexagon" collection at the ANNANOVA Gallery in St. Petersburg, during Aurora Fashion Week. The crowd was welcomed with the projection of the latest campaign movie, before being seated for the show. The designer greater the guests and  introduced herself personally to the public, a gesture that set a very friendly and intimate atmosphere. 

Anastasya's SS14 collection breathes minimalism, precise tailoring and draping. The colour palette was kept to a minimum as well, with only a few sparks of colour here in there, to divert from the monochromatic textures presented. It was pretty obvious from the name of the collection, that the inspiration was found in geometry and symmetry of objects and shapes. 

The young designer has achieved to create a perfectly balanced silhouette with a clean cut, accentuating the beautiful curves of both the male and female body. A hexagon is a geometrical shape that has six equal edges, maintaining it's shape and structure and forming perfect symmetrical angles. It is the same with this collection; from any angle you may look at it, there is only one conclusion: it is a true statement of symmetrical design.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Aurora Fashion Week - Milla Berillo SS14

Milla Berillo is a young, emerging designer and recent Graduate of Central Saint Martins College in London. Specialising in high-quality pattern cutting and tailoring, the designer is also known for experimenting with innovative materials and techniques to highlight the feminine silhouette in it's purest form. As it is stated by designer herself, the "conceptual part of the brand is not a creation of art-objects...; but the superposition of philosophy and functionality of garment, which are comfortable to live into it, to touch it and at the same time it has its own character."

Milla's latest collection, presented during AFWR in St. Petersburg is called "Deviation Angle" and it explores the different ways a garment can be perceived by the audience, simply by playing with the shape of the garment and its reflection. The lighting element and shadow plays an important role in the presentation, as the shifting perspective creates multiple visual effects and lines. It is all a "game of silhouettes" and geometrical shapes.

What is incredible about this young designer and this collection in particular is how the cutting and pattern construction was studied and researched in order to produce such a beautiful spectacle. Nothing is coincidental and nothing is left to chance, as all the shapes and reflections are carefully constructed with  a precise goal. 

The lines were invented. The pattern constructions and forms were predestined. The key points were highlighted. The conditions of reality with its changeability create the deviation angle. "The accidental  result" stops being accidental. The lines (..) become the reality. Is everything predetermined?...