Thursday, October 3, 2013

ЭРМЕС ПАРИЖ or simply Hermès Paris

Stoleshnikov Lane, Moscow

There is alot to be said on how international brands have entered the Russian market and the way this has been adapted in terms of merchandise, store layout and design, e-commerce and price. But what strike me the most is that from all the international luxury brands to be found on Stoleshnikov Lane in Moscow (this is the equivalent of London's New Bond Street), Hermès Paris is the only brand to have  changed their logo and translated it into Russian. ЭРМЕС ПАРИЖ have some very cute window displays to show off their most beloved accessories and tableware to their Russian customers.

In an attempt to maybe reach out to all those outgoing, jet-setting Russians, that are keen on their leisure activities and relaxing holidays, Hermès Paris has associated sports such as golf, tennis, cycling and badminton with products from their new in-store collection. Assuming that the target-customer is one to follow the sun and leave Moscow during the harsh winter months.

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