Saturday, August 10, 2013

Christopher Shannon SS14 - London Collections Men

"Summer in Berlin flows from one fragmented moment to the next. Parties go for days - not nights. On a cyclical loop, kids time travel and teleport through the city and from one moment to the next, from Thursday till Monday, taking short breaks in between. They link up online and come together for fleeting moments and carnal connections only to dive back into the anonymity of their hedonistic caves.
It's quite frowned upon and often forbidden to take photos inside the clubs in Berlin, most weekend party pics that surface are of the pre-party or the come down."
I've left Christopher Shannon's SS14 collection to be the one to close down my LCM chapter. I don't quite know why I've done this, but it just seemed right. It wasn't a coincidence that Shannon presented his latest collection on the last day of LCM, all the big names usually do (following the over-used motto of 'saving the best for last'), that is because, to put it in Dazed's words : "Shannon had already stolen the show" from underneath Burberry's nose and return to London.
Yes people, the glimpses that you can already spot are real; we had an avalanche of glittery hairdues, shiny and opaque PVC shorts, micro flower prints in shapes of shirts and underpants (something that reminded me of Laura Ashley's prints, but later on read that they were made out of Liberty art fabrics)  and some pretty cool looking over-the-boot sandals, is what I guess I can call them. All to be topped off with super electric colours and heavy zebra-print outfits. We were trippin'... in a good way.

Here you have it, a collection inspired by the club scene of Liverpool and Manchester, later on, to be taken out and explored in Berlin...

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