Monday, July 22, 2013

James Long SS14 Beyond The Velodrome - London Collections Men

Cycling has become a global phenomena in the last years; the innovators and "sparklers" of trends integrating their city bikes (preferably retro inspired bicycles) to become part of their daily outfits and personalising them accordingly. Some prefer their cycles with little flower or shopping baskets at the front, some with leather handles. The bicycle has become more than a just a commuting tool, a tool for leisurable activity or for some a sporting equipment, it has formed communities and groups and has been used as a form of expressing one's creativity and personality.

James Long however has taken its inspiration from the slightly more athletic side of cycling, one of the toughest challenges : the Helltrack. The materials are very similar to those found in cycling outfits : lycra, mesh and nylon. The lines and shapes of the garments send you back to the excitement and fast-paced atmosphere inside the velodrome, where everyone is racing to win an olympic title.

James Long's SS14 collection has an aerodynamic and sporty edge defined by zip-up jackets, neoprene rucksacks, sweatshirts and lycra t-shirts. Denim has been rubberised, with gloss stripes running across shorts and jackets. As the designer himself admits : 'I wanted this season's collection to be hard and fast' and so it was!

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