Friday, June 28, 2013

TOPMAN Design SS14 - London Collections Men


Let's just say that this is a hard collection to review after seeing the public's reaction coming out from the show. I heard some pretty awful things around me and saw some confusing expressions on people's faces in the front row. 

I was however surprised to read the reviews online, after the show, which were in contrast to what actually happened/ was said at the scene of the techno cowboy murder. I won't go into any more details than that and I will give you my sincere opinion (positive and negative) bullet pointed below :

Positive :

- beautiful, delicate hand embroidery on the western style shirts 
- exquisite materials used in the collection: silk, coated cottons, metallic yarns
- cool mirror retro shades to complement the look


- Nashville/ cowboy/western movie inspiration simply doesn't work for me (and me only)
- lack of diversity in the collection (shirts and jackets were the only pieces that were different, combined with the same pair of loose trousers and metallic brogues in the same colour and fabric)
- casting of the models - as we know TOPMAN has a wide target audience but it mainly appeals to younger crowds. How young, was my question? should we consider introducing a TOPBOY collection?

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