Thursday, June 13, 2013

Royal College of Art - MA Graduation Show 2013 Menswear - Hanchul Lee

Hanchul Lee

Savage Grace
The inspiration comes from the movies Silence of the LambRed Dragon, and Hannibal. The killers in these movies are different; Hannibal is the most important and represents the natural savageness of human beings. He is a doctor and a very intelligent man, but he also practises cannibalism. His intelligence and grace cover the savageness, but it is still present. The moment he shows that savageness in an elegant impeccable suit is both ironic and attractive for me.
Another inspiration comes from Yakuza, Japanese gangsters. They usually wears suits, but underneath tattoos cover their bodies. When they make a important decision, they put one arm out of their clothes, revealing the tattoos on their bodies, as if they are trying to show the savageness.(

Supported by: Kopenhagen Fur, John Boyd Textiles

Degrees: BA, Art Study, Hongik University, 2003; , Fashion Design, Samsung Art & Design Institute, 2008
Work Experience: Womenswear designer, Handsome Cop Time Design Department, Seoul, Korea, 2008–10
Awards: Creative award, Fashion Design, Brioni Project, 2012; Second, Fashion Design, Burton Project, 2011; Prize for excellence, Fashion Design, 2010 New Designer Fashion Grand Prix, 2010

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