Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Royal College of Art - MA Graduation Show 2013 Menswear - Felix Wolodymyr Chabluk Smith

Felix Wolodymyr Chabluk Smith
Disjecta Membra

Scattered fragments of one entity

Initially inspired by a passage in Alain-Fournier's 1913 novel Le Grand Meaulnes, in which the eponymous schoolboy returns from a mysterious journey wearing the silk waistcoat of an 1830s marquis under his school uniform, the collection explores varying expressions of masculinity through dress spanning almost 700 years.
This disparate and sometimes-forgotten costume is rediscovered, layered and spliced, with an emphasis placed on iconic historical silhouettes, created and made modern though restrained and innovative cutting.
Thanks to a large sponsorship from Vanners Silks, the idea of historical neglect and rediscovery is explored through surface design as well as garment form. A Georgian brocade of apple boughs has become withered and mouldy, infested with wasps; a Rococo floral is swamped with weeds and crawling with spiders; and Elizabethan and Victorian jacquards are layered and torn like old wallpaper.

Supported by: The British Fashion Council MA Scholarship, Vanners Silks, Brioni, RiRi – E L Watson Group

Degrees: BA (Hons), Fashion (First class), Edinburgh College of Art, 2011
Work Experience: Design assistant, E Tautz, London, 2012; Junior designer, Nigel Cabourn, Newcastle, 2010
Exhibitions: Designing for the Future, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2012; Designing for the Future, The Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow, 2012; Design and Democracy, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 2011
Awards: First Prize, Brioni Award 2012, Brioni/Royal College of Art, 2012; Gold Award, Menswear, Graduate Fashion Week, 2011

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