Monday, June 17, 2013

Istituto Marangoni - Graduate Fashion Week - Womenswear Luis Felipe Quijano and Paula Quintero

Luis Felipe Quijano

My AW 13/14 collection suggests a different 'smart wear'. By this I refer to the clothes women wear for their daily professional activities, Within my garments there are elements of tailoring mixed with draping and reduction in seams, They are a contradiction balanced with beauty. I want my garments to be sophisticated in a controlled cut and silhouette complimented by an element of freedom. I am experimentin with the saying that 'usually what looks simple, turns out not to be'. Details to me are the most important element in fashion design. (I.M graduation catalogue)

 Paola Quintero

My collection started up as a study of visuals found within the aesthetic of bones; contemplating structure, shape, texture and colour. From raw images and remains of both human and animal bones I developed a set of interpretations, which were translated into silhouettes, prints and visual effects based on construction. From visual artist Gabriel Orozco's whale bones collections to personal studies of the Hunterian Museum in London, UK. I created my own set of new images deconstructing in order to develop new. The collections could be described as Ready To Wear appealing to a sport-luxury feel. The materials dwell between neoprene, heavy-duty cotton and leather. The general silhouette is oversize with no tight fit. The feel of the collection is bold and very graphic with a colour palette of black, white, cold grey and gold.

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