Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Istituto Marangoni - Graduate Fashion Week - Womenswear Karen Shechori

Karen Shechori - Womenswear Designer

I started my research exploring various respiratory systems such as fish, birds, mammals and amphibians and used the difference between then as an inspiration for shapes, details, construction of the garment and different types of materials. I then carried on the research by looking at the anatomy of the human body, which made me think deeper about the concept of the human visualisation: the outer layer of a person comparing to the inner one, which can be falsely perceived by another. And the notion that comes from the assumption that a person can not really connect with another because the feel of existence is so unique and strange that it could not be shared. There for my goal was to express visually and realistically the one thing that all humans have in common - anatomy. I decided to show this invisible content by the use of medical illustrations as prints, use of layers in the construction of the garment as well as details mimicking different features of organisms. (I.M graduation catalogue)

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