Monday, June 17, 2013

Istituto Marangoni - Graduate Fashion Week - Womenswear Nicolas Wirth, Myrto Stavropoulou and Laura Stoeckl

Nicolas Wirth - Womenswear Designer

Fashion's ability to analyse the human subconcious is highly fascinating to me. My final collection looks at the internal journey and growth of a person and his/her development as a human being, It centers on the inner dialogue of a troubled individual and the turmoil happening within. In the collections I have focused on the use of emotional communication through digital printing. Visually, the paintings of Ego Schiele were one of the main inspirations, along with imagery of nature and the landscapes of Switzerland, my home country. The return to nature was another theme, mirroring the concept of growth. (I.M graduation catalogue)

Myrto Stavropolou

This year I have been working on a project with an abstract theme, called Zooming in, which expores the concepts of zooming in to objects and having the effect that they belong under a microscope distorting shapes and objects. I want to show through my work a stiff fluidity, using soft liquid prints combined with tailored structured clothes which give an abstract feel. (I.M graduation catalogue)

Laura Stoeckl - Womenswear

My final collection is about the spirit of youth and the fear of losing one's dreams along the road when growing up. This vibrant and young mood is combined to a modern, sportive look with a playful edge. In my designs I tried to represent and incorporate a youthful spirit and childhood dreams. I was mostly inspired by photography and contemporary art connected to my theme. Later on I decided to make my own imagery mixing different media, from which I created the prints I have used in my collection. Furthermore, I cam up with a new technique of sequin embellishment in which I first created a print, which I then printed on acetate and cut into sequin shapes I wanted to have. Afterwards, I recreated the print like a puzzle on y garment by layering the sequins in the right position. The intention behind these sequins is to capture and incorporate the sprit of youth and dreams to symbolically maintain then for the wearer. (I.M graduation catalogue)

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