Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spencer Hart SS14 - London Collections Men

What better way to end the second day of London Collections Men, than getting our boogie on, watching the new Spencer Hart collection? With names like Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist and high-profile model David Gandy in the crowd, champagne being poured at every corner and a new Nick Hart designed CLS AMG Mercedes Benz waiting to be unveiled, what more could we want?

Firstly focusing on the collection, we must admit one thing, we couldn't name one look that we didn't like. As always, Mr. Hart has given a modern, effortless touch to some timeless, classic, Savile Row pieces, combining beautifully tailored jackets and trousers with colar-less tunics and sandals. 

The music is one of the key sources of inspiration for the designer, as he himself admits. Alot of what he listens to, gets translated into his designs; this resulting in a casual, relaxed collection, with comfortable pieces. Some models even decided to give us a boogie demonstration in the finale, which made us think that this is probably the most accurate indication that one thing is certain : Spencer Hart's clothes not only look good but make you feel even better.

Friday, June 28, 2013

TOPMAN Design SS14 - London Collections Men


Let's just say that this is a hard collection to review after seeing the public's reaction coming out from the show. I heard some pretty awful things around me and saw some confusing expressions on people's faces in the front row. 

I was however surprised to read the reviews online, after the show, which were in contrast to what actually happened/ was said at the scene of the techno cowboy murder. I won't go into any more details than that and I will give you my sincere opinion (positive and negative) bullet pointed below :

Positive :

- beautiful, delicate hand embroidery on the western style shirts 
- exquisite materials used in the collection: silk, coated cottons, metallic yarns
- cool mirror retro shades to complement the look


- Nashville/ cowboy/western movie inspiration simply doesn't work for me (and me only)
- lack of diversity in the collection (shirts and jackets were the only pieces that were different, combined with the same pair of loose trousers and metallic brogues in the same colour and fabric)
- casting of the models - as we know TOPMAN has a wide target audience but it mainly appeals to younger crowds. How young, was my question? should we consider introducing a TOPBOY collection?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kay Kwok's Hidden Force - London Collections Men SS14

Tailoring and geometric prints at their finest, clearly one of my favourite SS14 shows of this season's London Collections. Kay Kwok has brought some futuristic energy on the catwalk, complemented by some out-of-this-world accessories. The hand luggage pieces will be hot on the wish-list for many fashion forward men and women!

The collections is defined by high-quality, exquisite tailoring with a sporty edge. Materials such as neoprene and plastic have been hand-crafted and manipulated through the use of heat, in order to obtain the beautiful, accurate shapes of the deux-pieces.

The suiting and outerwear have been created without buttons, the blazers and cardigans are fastened by concealed magnets. A truly spiritual adventure within earth-s current and a play of energy transferred within the galaxy!  Kay Kwok you have made our London Collections experience incredibly exciting!