Monday, May 20, 2013

TSUM's Cherry Garden Spring-Summer 2013 window displays

TSUM is one of those destinations that any fashion-driven, aware person would want to see once in Moscow. Last month I took a short, four-day trip to Moscow and took a day to simply go and explore what the city has to offer in terms of window displays, stores, brands, atmosphere and take in the Russian fashion scene. I realised that understanding it will take a while (Moscow is not the best shopping destination for luxury, high-end goods, due to highly exaggerated prices and taxes), even so it is a city that promotes a luxurious lifestyle and an irrational consumer behaviour when it comes to designer products and well established brands. These tend to be the metrics of evaluating one's social status.

Now, I discovered two beautiful things, whilst walking in the pedestrian, central area of Moscow : TSUM's cherry garden windows and my favourite place in the city: Kuznetsky Most 20 concept store (loved everything about it, the lounge, the store fixtures, the revolutionary windows, selection of brands and atmosphere). A separate post will be reserved for that little fashion paradise that is Kuznetsky Most 20, so in the meantime I will leave you with pictures of the surrealist TSUM windows.

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