Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Iris Van Herpen's "Crystallized" dress live on SHOWSTUDIO

Thank you SHOWSTUDIO for such a wonderful week, making it possible for us to watch Iris Van Herpen live, creating her beautiful crystallized dress!!!

The Dutch designer has always been fascinated and inspired by water saying that she "grew up near the water so it has always been my view and my playground. I still have my atelier by the water. I think it is just a really beautiful material. The way it works with light and the movement of it and because it is so impossible to capture it. As a fashion designer it is not really possible to work with it. It's nice to have found a way to be inspired by it." (click here to read all the live stream Q&A). The dress is made out of a material called PETG (Polyethylene Terephtalate Glycol-modified) , which is a resin of the polyester family and a material that reacts well to heat; making it possible to mold easily and reach surrealist shapes.

Today was the last day of live-streaming this beautiful project, that has ended in a full day of shooting Daphne Guinness in the studio posing in the water-splash-effect dress.

Be advised : the pictures uploaded are print-screens that were taken during the live stream of the photo shoot; these have been edited in Photoshop (brightness and contrast levels have been adjusted). Stay tuned on http://showstudio.com/ to see the final fashion film and more updates on the project.

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