Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jena Theo AW13 Presentation during London Fashion Week

Now that the craziness of the fashion weeks has ended I can come back to reviewing and looking at all the shows I attended. It is said that reviews are best written fresh, immediately after a show has been seen, as ideas get lost in time and the atmosphere fades away. I don't believe that is true , or at least it doesn't apply to me. Reviews are best written when you are in the mood to write and feel inspired enough not to blabber on without actually saying much ...

So here it is , the first one of many - Jena Theo's AW13 Presentation at the Portico Showspace. A very vivid and playful collection that has pushed the designer's boundaries in terms of the colour palette and resulted in a much brighter and colourful presentation. It was easy to foresee the dripping paint pattern of the smiley face from the invitation, the sophistication, subtlety and detailing however, was not.

It was fresh, it was vibrant and it looked as though the models had fun wearing all the outfits, which always makes up for a good presentation. Who knew this would be just the beginning of some of the most entertaining and creative presentations I've seen since I started attending London Fashion Week?

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