Friday, October 5, 2012

NINA RICCI SS13 - Paris Fashion Week - The air of a woman

De l’air dans la femme.
Les airs charmants, et qui font la beauté, sont :L’air blasé, L’air ennuyé, L’air évaporé, L’air impudent, L’air froid, L’air de regarder en dedans, L’air de domination, L’air de volonté, L’air méchant, L’air malade, L’air chat, enfantillage, nonchalance et malice mêlés.

Inspired by Baudelaire's posthumous work, Peter Copping (creative director of Nina Ricci) presented his SS13 collection at the Jardin des Tuileries, on the third day of Paris Fashion Week. The above written passage illustrates the woman as a very confusing, but intriguing and beautiful human being. The moods and colours of a woman are so hard to define and predict, that it leaves men under a cloud of questions. As Baudelaire describes it, Nina Ricci tried to envision the woman's contradicting feelings and moods in her collection -  may it be happiness or sadness, playfulness or boredom. 

The contrasting textures and colours throughout the whole collection, describe just that : sheer material and see - through fabric make the woman vulnerable and easy to read, whilst darker, stronger textures bring out the dominant side. We can all be careless, nonchalant, childish and playful, all the while being strong, dominant, bold and condescending. Never try to understand a woman, just enjoy being loved by one.

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