Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing with light and colour - ISSEY MIYAKE SS13 - Paris Fashion Week

Issey Miyake's Spring - Summer 2013 collection has proven to be yet another successful conquest for  Creative Director, Yoshiyuki Miyamae. Another revelatory and innovative show with a beautiful setting and mesmerizing colours and light reflections. 

Introducing a revolutionary technique in printing, using double-sided printing, Miyamae succeeded in creating a great optical illusion through his fabrics as well as showcase an incredible graphic performance. Mixing different colours, patterns, folds  and pleats the garments simply looked like they were dancing on the catwalk in the song of the playful light reflection. 

The new collection presented was integrated into the three categories: colour reflection, rhythm and resonance. The first category  was formed of the colourful, graphic group of dresses 'interplaying with bold colour blocks, achieved by double sided transfer printing', as mentioned in the press release.

The second category belonging to 'Colour rhythm' were the group of dresses that were created using pleated fabrics, constructing an added dimension and more texture. These clothes were conceived using the same innovative technique that was exemplified in Issey's AW12/13 collection :  with stream-stretch material; heat-sensitive fabrics that can be molded and defined with heat presses.

The last category of looks were part of  'Colour Resonance', that concentrated more on prints and the mixture between colours. 'Seasonal prints on square cut garments are put through a procedure of embroidery, heat pressing and yarn melting on ultra fine fabric, giving movement and texture, worn with multicoloured geometric print bottoms'.

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