Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hellen Van Rees SS13 - Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Creative, sustainable fashion is what we can say about Helen Van Rees' collection. What else? Oh well, maybe we can add in the fact that she managed to deconstruct CHANEL's tweed and  knit it three - dimensionally? Yes, yes we could add that as well!

It's not often you see dresses with three-dimensional cubes hanging around but I can definitely see this going on tour with Lady Gaga. Would much prefer to see this on her than the meaty dresses she has recently been seen in. From what I've researched into the collection, whilst talking to one of the girls present at the Vauxhall exhibition is that Rees works with recycled fabrics and materials and this collection is entirely sustainable. Not only that, but it has been hand sewn which makes it even more impressive.

Not something you would wear everyday but a definite proof of creativity and talent. Eventhough tweed isn't really my favorite fabric in the world , I have to admire the texture of the garments and the incredible work that went into this collection. Well done!

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