Monday, September 17, 2012

Carlotta Actis Barone - SS13 @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout

First day of London Fashion Week kicked off with Carlotta Actis Barone's SS13 collection show. Now if you don't like orange, consider yourself warned, as the next images will make your pupils dilate.

Carlotta's SS13 collection was very bright and colourful, with feminine curves, some tailored pieces, HUGE hair and feathers. The incredibly cute ballerinas, that popped out at the beginning of the show set the scene, greeting the public into the vivid world of Miss Barone.

Some of the nude bodysuits I have seen in her previous AW12/13 collection were worn by two of the ballerinas only now they came in musical notes prints and a far happier mood. The feminine vibe was completed by the use of crinolines in the make of some of the dresses, that helped accentuate the body line and feminine silhouettes.

Hair and make-up made you think : is this Marie Antoinette meets Alice in Wonderland?  type thing. However the highlight of the collection was the end piece, the silk orange evening gown with feather details floating down from the right hip was a true statement of elegance and design and brought the collection back to a deeper level.

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