Sunday, September 23, 2012

Manuela Dack SS13 Presentation @ Vauxhall Fashion Scout

'Manuela Dack you were the highlight of my day! Congratulations for an amazing collection' I tweeted on the 16th of September, after I witnessed the designers' SS13 presentation. I absolutely loved her entire collection and loved the contrast in textures she achieved.

Not only that, but I went to see the exhibition the next day, to get a close look at the materials and details and fell in love even more. The cut of the garments is impeccable and the layers of texture give the collection a special something. The combination of silk and leather, sheer and opaque fabrics in the looks presented on the catwalk was fascinating. 

Manuela Dack found her inspiration for the SS13 collection in the Carribean, where she was raised. Using traditional palm weaving and highlighting the contrast of architectural lines and organic shapes she has tried to reference 'minimal south pacific chic and colonial youth imagery in this season's mood boards'. 


There is a shift to be observed in fashion, where designers have started to find inspiration in the past, back in the times where austerity was a way of living and simplicity was pledged for maintaining a certain order within society. From Marc Jacobs' pilgrim inspired shoes all the way to Michael Thompson's photographs, fashion turned its attention back to tradition, conventionality and strictness.

And so did Sabina Bryntesson in her latest SS13 collection. She found her inspiration in the 'strictness and conformity' of the uniform. I would even go as far as suggesting that the way she tried to illustrate a sense of community made me think alot of the Amish communities and their way of life. Artists like Marina Ambrovic and Janieta Eyre have also inspired the designer in creating her garments, creating another strong link to the exploration of rituals and identity. 

Simplicity in its purest forms but what an impressive collection and design statement.