Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking the TIME MACHINE back to the GLAMOUR years

Happy Easter everyone! For some of you who celebrated the holiday last week and those of you who will this weekend!

I always try to come home for Christmas and Easter because I just can't have it any other way. I need to be close to my family and friends and I'm very keen on keeping traditions alive. But this holiday was a bit more special because I went through mum's things to find some clothes as I was unprepared for the cold weather and managed to find some other goodies well hidden - all the archived magazines mum kept of her when she was a model.  That is.... before she had me of course :)

The 80's were a blooming period for the Romanian textile industry and most of the manufactured goods were exported throughout Europe, but made in Romania. And before mum had me she used to model for catalogues that were sent to different companies for their buying departments to have a look at and choose the merchandise.

I couldn't help myself and scanned some of the magazine pages , including the wonderful front cover (yes yes OH SO PROUD!) So here it is.... fabulous mum in the 80's!

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