Thursday, March 8, 2012

PFW Jean-Charles des Castelbajac AW 12/13 FIRE ON ICE

The free , young spirit of De Castelbajac was released at the L'Oratoire du Louvre with the deep sound of the church's organ and the resonant sound of Woodkid's voice singing to the crowd. A truely artistic moment , that marked the beginning of an even more artistic collection.

Adele may be busy setting fire to the rain but Castelbajac put fire on ice in the most extraordinary way possible. The sand fields , glaciers and volcanic relief of Iceland , home of talented singer Bjork were explored by the designer for his new fall ready to wear line.

Tribal motifs like totem faces, raven heads,crawls and feathers but also retro cassette prints on the garments were symbols of Castelbajac's inspiration of the nordic land. Spice it up with a hint of cartoon-like , comic raven heads on the coat's shoulders and you get another happy, exciting collection.

'Walking to the north, I lose the South peacefulness
 A K7 cassette like a treasure of memories
To a mineral Iceland, to a volkanik land of truth where teen Bjork grew up
Flying on the wing of the black eagle
Dancing on the modern world volkano
My winter heroine is somber and full of hope '   PARIS 4.3.12

'En marche vers le Nord, je perds le Sud et son insouciance
Une K7 cassette trsor de memoire, vers l'Islande minerale, volkanik ou grandit teen Bjork
S'envoler suspendu aux serres de l'aigle noir
Danser sur les volcans du monde moderne
Mon heroine d'hiver est somber et pleine d'espoir ' PARIS 4.3.12

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