Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PFW Issey Miyake Femme AW 12/13

Where technology meets art and fashion

This was one of those moments , when you can't believe your eyes that you received an invitation to a show you have dreamed of going to, ever since you bought the first Issey Miyake perfume - just to hold on to something from that fashion house.

So I took a looooong breath and left my Paris apartment filled with butterflies in my stomach , giggling and smiling with no reason, walking on the street as if I was going to my first date with the love of my life.

I arrived at the GRAND PALAIS one hour before the show started and calmly seat on the stairs of the beautiful building, lid a cigarette and looked around curiously to see who will be joining the big event. One of the bodyguards calls me over and tells me : 'Ici, au troisième étage! ' (Here, at the third floor!). I simply couldn't breathe anymore , I got overwhelmed by emotions, is this really it?

I am climbing the stairs and I feel my cheeks getting red and my head overheating! I must be dreaming , this is so perfect. The Issey Miyake staff greats me politely and show me inside. I get in and join the mountain of photographers already set up for the show. I managed to squeeze in a corner and remained there for an hour until the show began, very nervous not to have my place stolen by another hungry photographer.

The lights turn off and an intense sizzling steam sound takes over the stage. From the left side of the catwalk appear five metal stands with pieces of fabric on them. Then five of Yoshiyuki (I am assuming) assistants come out and simply start shaping those fabrics into actual garments with a steam iron. The material used is thermo-sensitive and it is the latest innovation in this field - also known as steam-stretch clothing - it basically shapes into whatever form you want, with the help of the heated steam. 

For the AW 12/13 Issey Miyake FEMME collection, Yoshiyuki Miyamae found his inspiration in the cut and shape of minerals - called 'mineral miracle' that filled all garments with geometrical shapes in metallic and stone colours. 

The show simply kept us entertained from beginning to end. It was an absolute demonstration of innovation, design, art and beauty - all characteristics of a rich Japanese culture and new-wave fashion.

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