Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PFW - Amaya Arzuaga AW 12/13

Unfortunately I couldn't post anything whilst in Paris , as my internet connection could barely upload a picture in 30 minutes so I am sorry for the wait and I hope you will still enjoy all that I have to post.

First day in Paris I went to the Amaya Arzuaga show, which took place on Avenue George V at the Spanish Embassy. Needless to say the venue was absolutely gorgeous on the inside. I was blown away instantly and could with lots of difficulty take my eyes off the ceiling and paintings in all the rooms. Having such a rich, colourful background for the catwalk show I must say Amaya Arzuaga's collection didn't quite stand out. 

Her AW 12/13 collection found it's inspiration in Sonia Delaunay  and the Orphism art movement, that is well known for the geometric shapes and strong colours. The garments looked like collages composed of multiple fabrics. 

Details such as oversized armholes, asymmetrical lengths and cape-like dresses were some of the key elements of the collection. Arzuaga used warm materials like wool, mohair combined with leather, tulle and silk to complete her draped silhouettes. 

The dark colours were revived by the shoes , that added a happy finish to the outfits. Colours varied from black, navy to grey and stone , interrupted here and there by red , green and white geometrical shapes and lines.

All in all I liked the collection very much , but the venue didn't really compliment the garments and didn't help them stand out. It was alot of visual information to take in , seating in such a beautiful space you could very hard concentrate on the actual show.

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