Saturday, March 17, 2012

OUTSIDE à la Fashion Week Parisienne

Paris Fashion Week is THE absolute source for street style inspiration and celebrity snapshots. My previous posts state the clearly obvious fact that I was so incredibly happy to actually see some of the shows myself.  But at some I just stayed outside and watched, drooled at and photographed my top fashion icons.

You get quite the rush of photographing all these famous fashion people walking around and hurrying to get inside and occupy their front row seats. May I not even mention Katie Perry's arrival at the Tuileries Gardens surrounded by a wall of hundreds of paparazzo , it was insane! (not that I am a fan o Katy Perry nor do I find her presence in the fashion world to be considered important what so ever, but still the whole scene and celebrity drama going on was chaotic)

The ever so fabulous Anna dello Russo with her unique sense of style, happiness and excitement to pose and have pictures taken of her just made every day special.

Keeping up with the Italians ....  Giovanna Bataglia seems to always put the best WANNA HAVE sleekest outfit together and reminds you that : YES , this is why Italians prevail the fashion industry.

Followed by beautiful, gorgeous, amazingly fabulous Ulyana Sergeenko, who you just want to take home and put her somewhere , where you can just look at her all day long ! She has face like porcelain, eyes bright and playful, full, passionate lips,  the kindest features and most gentle and gracious walk on earth. She is the walking, talking image of  Russian beauty.

Grace Coddington has become my favourite person in the whole wide world after watching the September Issue movie, because I just love her dreamy, artistic vision and I thank God she is there to still fight for it. 

And the list goes on and on and on with all these people (like Susie Lau, Joan Smalls, J.J. Martin etc) that have such a great impact in the fashion world and set great examples - this is one of the greatest things about Paris Fashion Week , you get to see them all together in one place!

Anna dello Russo before Viktor & Rolf

Giovanna Bataglia after Viktor & Rolf

Viviana Volpicella before Viktor& Rolf

Michelle Harper after Viktor & Rolf
Ulyana Sergeenko after Viktor & Rolf

Ulyana's Louboutins

Joan Smalls after Viktor & Rolf

Susie Lau from Style Bubble before Viktor & Rolf
Elena Perminova before Viktor & Rolf

Michelle Harper before Galliano

James Goldstein before Galliano

Ulyana Sergeenko before Galliano

J.J Martin

Giovanna Bataglia before Galliano
Natalia Vodianova before Valentino

Susie Lau before Valentino

Harley Viera-Newton before Valentino

Grace Coddington and Franca Sozzani before Valentino

Anna dello Russo before Valentino


  1. Ulyana Sergeenko is one of my four girl-crushes, but I have to say that jeans outfit turned me off a bit...At the Galliano show she looked amazing tho! Want that hat!!! :) xox

  2. She is incredibly beautiful! Out of this world ! I want to buy half of her collection but don't think I will look nearly as amazing in her clothes