Thursday, February 23, 2012

LFW Jasper Garvida AW 12/13 - Revolutionnaire Situation De La Forme

Très très révolutionnaire approach is what we witnessed today at the Jasper Garvida AW 12/13 Show.

This was the reinvention and revolution of the uniform as we know it. His unique sense of style helped him bring some very feminine and elegant military-inspired dresses and outfits to the next level. The colour palette of the collection is based on beige, black, grey, khaki, brown and a hint of navy blue. All colours present in official army/ navy garments.

The element to focus on  is the detail on the garments. That is what makes this collection stand out. Very fine , beautifully worked embellishments and a cut , that compliments the curves and body of the models. There are alot of waist accentuated dresses and coats with oversized belts.

Details like the double-breasted buttons on the beige suede dresses bring back the image of the army woman - the image of strong, capable fearless woman.Make-up and hair did a very good job in the way the eyes are contrasted and very powerful, while the upside-down poney tail give the whole look a fairly rebellious edge.

The watery satin dresses in combinations of khaki and brown, blue and white are a more elegant approach and make the garments perfect choices for an evening wear. It also made me think of earth colours (khaki and brown) combined with sky colours (navy blue and white) which are intended for either down-to-earth ladies OR day-dreamers like me!

A very preppy approach with this white collar black dress , it does suggest discipline and order... In front of such a strong woman the only way is to comply and never disagree.

Some gradient coloured deux-pieces as you will see below and later on in the pictures. Very nice combination of colours and I absolutely love the golden oversized zipper on this jacket!

The following two outfits are my favourite ones from the collection. I find the combination of the black and white paint splashed clothes and the golden accessories and details very eye-catching and extravagant.

Again everything lies in the detail, the embellishments on the coats like the golden oak leaves on the epaulets and the double-breasted golden buttons in front are making all the difference.

Golden chains and fringes floating on the silhouettes , chunky gold necklaces, oversized zippers, golden embellishments on the collars and necklines all contribute to an amazing reinterpretation of the traditional military costume.

The image of the strong, revolutionary but elegant and glamorous woman seen through the eyes of the very talented Jasper Garvida. A collection inspired by the Russian Constructivism and by the ever so refined Marlene Dietrich. Elegance can have it's tough , mysterious ways and Garvida knew how to bring that out. Viva la Revolucion!


  1. Such a beautiful show, really enjoyed re-visiting it through your photos x

  2. Thank you Anna! it really was a good show!