Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I wished I would, I wished I could and now I am

Ladies and Gentlemen , this is Unpolished Sapphire's first Paris Fashion Week, but fortunately not first time in Paris! I am currently packing for the capital city of art, fashion and everything beautiful. Not that my beloved London isn't!

I thought before heading out I should take a breath, stop and look at my life - I live in a beautiful city, am surrounded by amazing people and family, I have the most loving and beautiful man in my life, I finally do and study what I love and I am able to travel all over the world - in other words I am blessed with everything a human being could wish for.

The next few days will be filled with running from one show to another to capture the best pictures of front row people , street style and collections - but mornings will be dedicated to my lovely girlfriends having late breakfasts and coffees and then evenings cool, relaxing cocktails hopefully accompanied by some good music.
So stay tuned for what is yet to come from Unpolished Sapphire in Paris - it's not going to be all about PFW, we have some exhibitions to visit and some perfume making to do! Oui Oui... Beaucoup de surprises!

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