Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anna dello Russo at the V&A

 Legendary event at the V&A on Friday the 17th of February, when despite of the first day of London Fashion Week - the room was packed with Anna dello Russo fans; all waiting for the style diva to make her appearance and enchant us with her glamorous charm.

There is no need of introduction or any further information on her , as everyone that has at least once opened the pages of a fashion magazine knows who Anna dello Russo is. She is some kind of female version of Elvis Presley of the fashion industry. As Coco Chanel has her own line of quotes , I decided that instead of giving you useless information that you already know, maybe spice it up a little and giveout everything Anna said tonight in form of quotes. All the while showing you some of the snaps I took during her interview with the renowned fashion journalist Gianluca Longo.

 'I love coming to London, I love the people'.... 'I love English people because they are not afraid to experiment with their excentricity. I love excentric people' 'You understand me'

 'Some people say I am over the top... too much' ... 'I either go over the top or not at all. I'm either , or'
'When I do yoga I wear a pair of pants and a little top'.... 'When I go to bed I wear a nighty, but A NICE ONE, NO PIJAMAS for me!!!!'
 'I never wear the same thing twice... come on!'.... 'I have a place , close to my house, where I live , where I keep all my clothes. They are well organized and labeled. I am keeping my archive of clothes, maybe someday I will do something with it'
                                                     Showing off her Fausto Puglisi dress

'There are so many good young Italian designers at the moment. We have some really talented designers and i try to help and promote them as much as I can'... 'Just like you had Isabella Blow, who was a very important ambassador and suporter of young emerging designers, I try to do my best as well'
 'The Italian designers closest to my heart are Dolce and Gabbana, they're from the South, like me and Gianluca'
Answering the question : What was your first encounter with fashion? A.D.R : 'It was my birthday so I said to my father : Father I want a Fendi bag! And my father said OK, let's go and buy you one. But then I said : No father, I don't want just the bag, I want a Fendi scarf and a Fendi umbrella too.'

'My friend was once depressed and I said to her: You need a fashion show! Put on a high-heel and get out of the house , you feel better!'

                                                       'You have to play with fashion'

'You have to invent a job. Today stylists aren't just stylist, they help with the directing of the photo-shoot, they take pictures, they edit videos, write review. You have to know a little bit of everything'

                  'Last time I counted my shoes, I had more than 4000 pairs , but that was a while ago'

A truely magnificent, very funny and smiley Anna dell Russo! She made the whole room smile and laugh and everybody just watched her with so much admiration in their eyes. Such a great woman!

Allthough she claims her biggest fear is that of becoming old in what she does and not being able to keep up to date with everything . 'Today you're in fashion, tomorrow you're out', I think her wild and free spirit will never get old and she is and will remain a legend and a big name in the fashion  history worldwide.

Thank you V&A and Peroni for organising such amazing events for the public to get a chance to meet these people and learn some more from them! You are doing a great job!

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