Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cheesy Sunday mood - Amour impossible avec fruits des bois

I don't normally go for these kind of 'diary-like' posts , to tell the whole world what I did one day, because I assume nobody is interested. But now , just for today I will assume the opposite, because I had a very lovely day and I really, really want to share this with you!

I watched David Moore's - Wallis and Edward , with Joely Richardson in the role of Wallis Simpson and Stephen Campbell Moore in Edward's role. Now it took me around 10 minutes to just take the camera in my hand and start pausing the film every once in a while to admire the beautiful clothes, dresses and coats, that Joely was wearing on the set.

Because I stayed up all night last week to watch the Golden Globes , this was a happy coincidence , giving me the oportunity to have some terms of comparison to Madonna's  new 'W.E' movie, which is inspired by the same story.  I did the same thing with Coco Chanel (2008) with Shirley McLaine and Coco before Chanel (2009), with the beautiful Audrey Tautou.

                                       Snaps captured whilst the movie was running on TV

I woke up with my boyfriend's arms around me, I went downstairs to have my coffee and breakfast , I layed down lazy on the couch , watching a romantic movie...

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