Thursday, December 1, 2011

We wish you MAChristmas, we wish you a MAChristmas !

Yes yes it's an ingenious wordplay I know... :)

So people I don't usually write about beauty products and I don't have a 'My beauty essentials' post because I just don't find those necessary... but today everything changed... because first of all we entered the very merry Christmas month....and second I AM AN ABSOLUT FAN of this time of the year . You can convince me into doing anything - I just love the Holidays, the Christmas Lights, Christmas decorations and most of all I LOVE the exclusive Christmas products on the market. That goes from the Starbucks' Eggnog Latte to the gingerbread cookies, to the apple - cinnamon Shower Gels and scented candles, to those amazing Adventkalendars which have cute little chocolate bites for every day of the month - JUST EVERYTHING!

And so I decided to write about the MAC Holiday collection which has the cutest packaging and prettiest colours ever!! It's all glittery and white and just really really nice! The 4 pack lipglosses are packed into these white- silvery Christmas Tree globes and the eyeshadows are simply fabulous with their silver glitter liquid on top.

Ok so here it goes ...

ICE PARADE Holiday range from MAC

DAZZLESPHERE! Coral and Pink Ornament x 4

6 Snowglobe Eyeshadow Left: SULTRY, Right: WARM

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