Saturday, November 26, 2011

The secrets behind the CATWALK shows and their way to the COVER

Catwalk to Cover - is the new exhibition hosted by the Fashion and Textile Museum London and it is  indeed a very interesting , informational and visual experience.  A glimpse at the secrets that lie behind those fabulous shows we see and dream to attend.

With the help of Kristin Sinclair, Chris Moore, Matt Lever and Philip Meech, all of which are top catwalk photographers and other designer garments FTM managed to put together a glamorous scene of the industry's heart and motion .

Everything from the Front Row, Backstage, Make-Up and Street Style is captured in pictures and upstairs there is a whole section dedicated to Prada and their lookbooks. So if you ever wanted to get an insight into how everything works out and what the big fuss is all about, then this is the place to be! But for all of you who can't make it but do want to see more of it, I have taken some really nice pictures and I also managed to write most of the information from the walls! 

So first is first - here is a quote from the introductory presentation of the exhibition:

'Together , the photographers on display here have documented countless collections at each of the major fashion weeks in the four fashion capitals of the world - London, New York City, Paris and Milan. They represent a series of individual approaches. matthew Lever's backstage shots of models and make-up details are used by fashion designers as a vital document of their work. Philip Meech's distinctive photos for Prada provide the core ingredients of fashion, art and photography. Kirstin Sinclair's work offers an exclusive access-all-areas, insight into the many faces at the whoe , as well as how the catwalk looks from their perspective. Chris Moore has photographed the catwalk for over 40 years and his work , above all , chronicles how the presentation of fashion on the catwalk is continually changing and reinventing itself.'

'The catwalk show is a relatively recent phenomenon in fashion industry. This exhibition enables us to reflect on its evolution as well as the power of technology to capture the moment and allow everyone to take their own seat in the front row.'


So we all know that everyone who is everyone goes to fashion weeks, catwalk shows, exclusive fashion events and launch parties and mostly these ONES  also get to seat in the front row. It is a true accomplishment and official statement of one's status in the industry if one makes it to the front row, or at least if one gets invited to these events.

I've noticed that besides the famous actors, singers, editor-in-chiefs of fashion magazines, lately there are alot of very successful fashion bloggers, that get to be invited to the most exclusive shows , which is a very great deal.

'The association between a designer and the right celebrity ambassador can help a brand fly, while an astute choice of celebrity front row guest undoubtedly adds exclusivity and glamour to any show'

 'Behind the scenes professionals - including camera crews, journalists and photographers - work firelessly before , during and after the show. Leading hair stylists and make-up artists will often work clossely with designers months before a show to create the perfect beauty look to complement and complete their collection - allthough it is not unheard of for a designer to change their mind or change aspects of the looks moments before the show'

And the exhibition would not have been complete without some beautiful garments from the most famous designers out there. Here are some of Anna Sui, Paco Rabanne and Vivienne Westwood beauties.

Anna Sui Bridesmaid Dress

Anna Sui Bridal Dress

Paco Rabanne SS 2002 - Collection of FTM
Vivienne Westwood AW 2010
And off we are to the PRADA section of the exhibition , an extraordinary collaboration between the italian fashion house and OMA for their lookbooks.

'Their most frequent and perhaps the freest - collaboration occurs on the occasion of Prada and Miu Miu's catwalk shows. Each season AMO explores ways to subvert the traditional linear catwalk , shaping the audience around the show and integrating their presence with the collection's aestethic.'

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