Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quick Retrospective on the Fashion Weeks and the new SS 2012 trends

After a quick analysis of the London and Milan Fashion Weeks I have decided to write a post on the SS 2012 color trends. Just a quick summary on what we need to consider if we want to be up to date next Spring.

 I know I haven't mentioned anything about Paris Fashion Week , which in other people's opinion is the IT Fashion Week, but I will do it. I promise. I will have to thoroughly take collection by collection and write a full review on it. But until then let's see what London and  Milan have to say about our lovely spring-summery outfits!

So it is no surprise when I say that ORANGE was everywhere on the catwalk this autumn. It will be the color of SS 2012 ! Everything from swimming suits to dresses, trousers, blouses and jumpsuits.

Then there is Yellow which will also be a hit in 2012. I find it quite refreshing to see all these citrus colours on clothes, it makes you really get into the summer mood. It is very hard to pull off a yellow integrated outfit but it looks amazing on the tanned skin.

Back to basics.... leaving the citrusy fruits behind it will be all about Black and White. That's right! It's the Karl Lagerfeld colours in every shape and form. I love black and white , it has always worked for me and always will. It's a very elegant colour combination and I believe that it works perfect with some golden accessories.

And another little something I recently discovered whilst browsing all collections is that there will be alot of statement sleeves. Very big, disproportionate sleeves on dresses and tops. Check out some of them right here: