Friday, September 9, 2011

The wonderful VOGUE Fashion Night out in London

People I had the best time last night!!! It was absolutely amazing, lots of fun, music, people everwhere, activities and things to see!

This is my first Fashion Night Out and I didn't know what to expect ...I was so excited and nervous yesterday.... didn't know what to wear... what shoes to pick so I can walk around town and stay in line for every store...
EVERYTHING was perfect.... I have seen some fabulous outfits - loads of beautiful girls, clothes, accessories, hair styles and trends!

Let me start with the beginning. My first stop on the list was Liberty London - which I think is the most worthy store to start the fashionable night out from. On the ground floor they were hosting a VOGUE Cover Girl photo-shoot giving fashionistas a chance to explore their imagination by wearing the in-stora scarves. I obviously stood in line for the great event , waiting enthusiastic for my turn to come ! :)

1st STOP Liberty London

New Season collection of scarves from Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen

Then I stopped to refill on my coffee and get some more energy and went on to my other point of interest: Old and New Bond Street - where all the action was. The street was closed to traffic and fashionistas were attacking the designer stores with cameras and credit cards. The atmosphere was simply magic, everyone was laughing,  having a good time... and all the stores played really good music. 

Queues were built in front of Emporio Armani,Dior, Hermes ,Jimmy Choo, Mulberry.,Burberry, COACH hosted a great party as well, the line was veryyyyyy long and so did Louis Vuitton which in my opinion had THE BEST PARTY ATMOSHPERE! and the best lemonade! :)

In front of Louis Vuitton

On the streets

In front of Louis Vuitton

And then for the ones that got tired of shopping and drinking... and shopping and drinking... and drinking just a little bit more ... there were some interactive activities organized such as:

FNO Activities at DIOR, Hermes, Liberty and Louis Vuitton

Photo-shooting in the glamorous vintage DIOR CAB


The Hermes competition

So basicly what is going on here is the following : There was this wooden chalet installed in front of the Hermes Store and people could compete on how to get one Hermes item such as a bracelet into the bowl at the end. If you could succed on completing the task , you would get something out of those orange boxes. YEEEEEEEEY !!!

The official VOGUE FNO T-shirt was out for sale on the streets - and you could also customize it at this stand.

Photo-shooting board in Louis Vuitton 

Amazing LIVE Dj SET at Louis Vuitton Party

 So dear british readers , if you couldn't make it this year make sure you will next year because it is worth every minute of your time! And for you ouot there which are not living in the U.K ... who knows... maybe an early September holiday to London to catch this fashionable events wouldn't be such a bad idea would it???  Let me also remind you that next week is London Fashion Week and the weekend after that there will be London Fashion Weekend... so this month is full of great exciting events!!!!!

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