Thursday, September 22, 2011

TOP 5 of Day 4 & 5 at the LFW

I thought I should join these two days into one post as I thought it might get a bit boring with my top 3 of everyday... and you might want to read something else... but I just couldn't ignore the collections presented on these last two days as they were magnificent. So let's get on with the show!

Number one, first place and GOLD medal from Unpolished Sapphire gooooeeessss toooooo.............

1. Mark Fast

 It just blew me away - I loved everything about it - the glamourous hair with those beautiful curls, the oversized jewellry and necklaces. I am a huge fan of those nude, knitted dresses - they give me this feeling of a deserted island girl - maybe it's because they look like fishing nets and the color of sand just made my thoughts fly in this direction. Again we can see alot of fringes everywhere , they will be IN next season - everybody  has at least one piece of clothing with some form of fringe on it. All in all it was beauuuuuuttiiiifullll - LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

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2. Burberry PRORSUM - The REVOLUTION of the Trench Coat

So from what we can tell is that: YES,  Burberry still makes trench coats - it's their signature look DUUUH :) but the colors, cut and style has changed radically, in a very good, happy, relaxed way. We can see striped trench coats (horizontal and vertical stripes), purple, turquoise trench coats. The lines have changed and they look more feminine, dress-like. I also adore the purple, burgundy, navy-blue midi skirts.

3. Temperley London

There is a 70's glamorous retro vibe about this collection. I Love the big sunglasses, flare jumpsuit, flower printed maxi dresses and head bands. Also the peek-a-boo lace embroidered dresses and tops are very sexy and elegant.

4. Mary Katrantzou

Her collection was bursting with color and 'joie de vivre'. It is so happy, intriguing, playful yet misterious you don't even know how to describe it. It is quite a spectacle for the eyes. I would call it 'THE PEACOCK LADY' 

5. David Koma

I willlll alwayyyyssss loooove David Koma. ALWAYS! :) I wanted one of his dresses from Topshop so badlyyyyy but unfortunately I wasn't in the UK at the time. He is so talented! I love his perfectly shaped dresses - I think it would fit any body shape and make it loook amazing. This last collection was again just PERFECT! I can't even describe the motiffs on the dresses - they are polynesian tribal patterns by the latest I've read , anyways simply gorgeous. 

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