Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BARCA - punk, hippie, bohemian looking city

As you can see - this last week I haven't posted anything as I was on my fabulous 6-girl trip to Barcelona - the city of architecture, sun, freedom and fun.

Obviously I couldn't help looking on the streets to see how the lovely spanish ladies dress up and I got to one conclusion - there is alot of beige, creme and brown colour on the streets of Barcelona. Besides that,  there are neon colours everywhere but not on clothes , just on people's hair - dread locks, crest hair, coloured bangs and highlights! Piercings and tatoos come with the whole image and the ocasional bongos and musical instruments can be heard on the beach at sunset.

What can I say? it is a beautiful city and I most enjoyed the gothic quarter with it's tiny little boutiques, jewelry shops and the hidden squares with the most amazing restaurants. Not to mention Gaudi's buildings and the famous Sagrada Familia which everyone heard of - all contributes to Barcelona's charme. It was not enough time to really enjoy this beautiful city and start living the feeling about being there but I managed to take some fabulous pictures and visit some really interesting exhibitions.

Here are some of the photos I managed to take of people I saw on the streets while visiting Barca :

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